Lavender London Fog

Brighten your day with a Lavender London Fog

[TEA]SE Out a New You: Blends for Achieving Goals

Blends to help you achieve your goals

TEALEAVES Teas Meet Their Match

10 Steeped Teabags Matched with Pantone Swatches

Nyangbo Russian Earl Grey Custard

A special occasion dessert recipe

A Purple Haze

Earl Grey with Lavender duck, roasted black quinoa and flowers

Lavender Bespoke Cocktail

Earl Grey with Lavender-infused gin, ginger, acai and Amaretto liqueur

Fresh Year, Fresh Starts

Teas to Keep Resolutions On Track

An English Affair

The affair of Lavender Earl Grey and absinthe, with a grapefruit twist

The Forsyte

Inspired by the Tom Collins, a Flowery Earl Grey homage

Tealeaves’ Holiday Collections 2014

With warm heart and hands, spread cheer with these Tealeaves seasonal picks!

Raspberry Imperial Earl Grey Chocolate Gateaux

Fresh bergamot scent of Imperial Earl Grey, blended with raspberry

Earl Grey Mooncakes

A modern approach to a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival treat