Midori Kokonattsu

A delightful pairing of coconut and matcha make for the perfect balance of savoury and sweet.

Sugar Plum Fairy Tale

Smooth, fruity panna cottas and a Sugar Plum Fairy tea-infused ice cream

Nutcracker Crème Brûlée

A sweet crème brûlée infused with rich Nutcracker tea

Nutcracker Gelato

Smooth and creamy, the Nutcracker gelato is brought to life with rich hazelnut and citrus


Delicate tuile rests atop a sweet hazelnut cake

The Nutcracker

Tea-infused mousse atop a caramel sponge cake

Jewel of Seiffen

Go on a journey to the Nutcracker's origins

Nutcracker Crémeux with Juniper Ice Cream

Roasted juniper and Nutcracker tea bring memories of hot chocolate by a crackling fire

Sugar Plum Ballerina

Chocolate pearls rest atop a pink raspberry tutu

Perce Neige

Light, airy and filled with a tea-infused surprise

Nutcracker Tea Gateau

Creamy mousse encased in chocolate

Nyangbo Russian Earl Grey Custard

A special occasion dessert recipe