Relax Island Dessert

Serves 1


  • -
    TEALEAVES Relax & Mixed Berry Consommé (See Recipe Below)
  • -
    Poached Meringue (See Recipe Below)
  • -
    White Chocolate 'Sand' (See Recipe Below)
  • -
    Lychee Rose Sorbet (See Recipe Below)


  1. Place freshly poached meringue in a bowl.

  2. Sprinkle white chocolate ‘sand’ around the meringue.

  3. Cut fresh berries.

  4. Toss berries in sugar and lime juice.

  5. Arrange berries, fresh flowers and candied violet in bowl.

  6. Scoop lychee sorbet.

  7. Pour consommé into the bowl at the table.

  8. Enjoy!


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