A Virtual Tour: Rudd Oakville Estate


Join us for a beautiful stroll through the rolling vineyards at Rudd Oakville Estate, led by Managing Director Oscar Henquet. Learn about the history of the vineyard, its roots, generational traditions, grape growing, and the winemaker’s process.


The world of wine is very interesting to us due to the shared importance of terroir and the complex notes that the connoisseurs looks for. We were gifted with a French oak barrel by the incredibly esteemed Rudd Winery for experimentation by our Master Blender. Receiving this unparalleled aged wine barrel, we challenged ourselves with the creation of a blend that has never been attempted before.


Discover #BarrelAgedTEALEAVES created in collaboration with Rudd here: http://barrelagedtealeaves.com/

“We don’t call it grape growing. We call it wine growing.”


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