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Every new year begins with the setting of new goals and resolutions. And with the Lunar New Year on the way, it’s a good time to revisit our initial targets and form achievable game plans to bring about a successful year.

A pro-tip to accomplishing your goals and making lasting changes to your life is to do it with someone. Finding a buddy you can talk to about your goals, keep you company, and complete your goals with can ensure you’re able to stick to it and achieve your aspirations.


Another tip is to break up your larger goals into smaller, more easily achievable goals. Changes that are easy to implement will help positive habits form more easily.


At TEALEAVES, we like to think that each of our blends have a unique personality, and that each tea is evocative of a mood, state of mind, or activity. So why not use our blends as a ritual through which you can focus your attention, achieving your goals (and mini-goals) with a cup of TEALEAVES by your side?



MINI-GOAL: Drink Lots of Water


Drinking more water a day is made easier with Rooibos because, let’s face it, drinking water can get quite dull. Completely caffeine free and filled with antioxidants, rooibos (and other herbal teas) are the best way to make water taste more delicious and easier to consume.


With 8 different rooibos blends to choose from, it’s the best way to make hydration more fun!


Our favorites?
Pina Colada Rooibos: escape to the tropics.
Princess Breakfast: smooth, velvety sweetness of vanilla bean and strawberries!
Hazelnut Rooibos: perfect with a splash of milk, a creamy treat!





MINI-GOAL: Stop Night Binges


To avoid giving into temptation and cravings, steep a pot of peppermint, which doubles as aromatherapy. Too late? Already binged? Peppermint can also prevent you from undergoing the painful side effects of binging, relieving the stomach and the body.


You can opt for a plain loose leaf peppermint (or a pyramid teabag, for your convenience), or try one of our favorite blends that contain peppermint:


Our favorites?
Winter Escape: a little festive treat.
Life Through Water: the ultimate spa blend: peppermint, yerba mate and lemongrass.
Moroccan Mint: can’t pick between green tea and peppermint? Here is your answer!




MINI-GOAL: Fuel for Fitness

The use of yerba mate as an energy-giving beverage has a long history in South America. The reason why it is such a good energizing beverage is that yerba mate contains a chemical extremely similar to caffeine, called mateine, which is claimed to have the stimulating qualities without the side effects. However, experts don’t simply stop at mateine, but rather rave about the stimulatory effects of theobromine, which is known to have a smooth and long-lasting effect while lowering blood pressure.
This is why yerba mate is the star of our Energy Blend.




MINI-GOAL: Curb Your Sweet-Tooth

Over indulged and want more? Curb your cravings for something sweet with a cup tea. Tea blends featuring sweet fruits and sugars such as strawberries, apples, citrus, chocolate, and maple are an easy way to indulge that craving without the negative effects of sugar.

What are you craving?
CANDY: Organic Wild Strawberry Green
BAKED GOODS: Apple Pie Blend
CHOCOLATE Mint Chip Ice Cream: Winter Escape
PANCAKES: Maple Delight
GUMMY BEARS: Old Blue Eyes




MINI-GOAL: Get Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to health and happiness, and what better way to promote sleep than to relax with a cup of caffeine free tea? For a good night’s sleep, it’s best to avoid caffeine six hours before heading to bed. Drinking an herbal blend can help promote relaxation and better sleep. In our Relax blend, valerian root and passion flowers help to relieve tension and anxiety, and soothe the nerves so you can rest easier.




MINI-GOAL: Cut your stress

Take time to relax and recharge during the day in order to cut stress. Peace Through Water is a luxurious blend of calming herbs including passion flowers, lavender and skullcap to help you soothe anxiety, de-stress, and have a good night’s sleep.




MINI-GOAL: Get over the afternoon slump

Avoid the coffee crash midday with a cup of Earl Grey. Black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, and lets you have a longer period of alertness without a crash at the end. Earl Grey is flavoured with bergamot oil, which is known to be calming and restorative. With a variety of different blends we have created, there is an Earl Grey to fix anybody’s afternoon slump.

Flowery Earl Grey: A classic Earl Grey to hit the spot.
St. Regis Blend: An Earl Grey with an extra touch of blackcurrant; perfect for afternoon tea.
Lavender Earl Grey: Soothing lavender adds a spicy touch.
Jasmine Earl Grey: East meets west in this blend of black and green teas, classically flavoured with bergamot, and the addition of jasmine.




MINI-GOAL: Take a Trip

Taking a trip doesn’t need to be hampered with jetlag. Our Jetlag Therapy Kit has two refreshing tea blends to energize and relax.
Drink our Energy blend in the morning to promote wakefulness and alertness – perfect for busy days exploring a new city. Yerba mate contains mateine which has similar stimulating effects as caffeine, and theobromine which helps to lower blood pressure.
End the day with a cup of Releax to promote a restful slumber. Valerian root helps to boost immunity, relieve anxiety and encourages the body to rest and recover.





MINI-GOAL: Create a morning ritual

A meaningful ritual can be found in the simple act of making tea — a morning of Chado , watching wisps of steam rise from the tea, before offering a sip to others and ourselves.

Matcha is high in caffeine, phytonutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants, making it the perfect morning drink. The caffeine in matcha binds to the antioxidant catechin, which results in the caffeine being released over a longer period of time, compared to coffee.

What does this mean? No afternoon coffee crash or midday slump!




MINI-GOAL: Start meditating

Meditation helps to clear your mind and direct awareness, which can help you achieve your goals. Enjoy a cup of Namaste while you reflect. Peppermint uplifts and clears the mind, while rooibos improves awareness.




MINI-GOAL: Stop procrastinating

Green teas are loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, and a small amount of caffeine. The combination of the three work to improve brain function and can result in a more productive day.

Here are some of our favorite greens:
Cherry Blossom Green: A grassy, Japanese green tea infused with the sweetness of cherries.
Organic Pear Tree Green: A crisp and sweet green tea first blended for the Four Seasons.
Organic Lychee Green: Lychee offers a sweet, perfumed Chinese green tea.
Gyokuro Asahi: Only the topmost, most tender leaves are picked for a delicate, refined blend of Japanese Gyokuro.




MINI-GOAL: Read more books

Reading books can help to relieve stress, promote mental stimulation, and increase knowledge, writing, and thinking skills. Enjoy a classic tea with those classic novels. English breakfast teas include blends of Ceylon, Keemun, and India black teas to invigorate and stimulate the mind.


“A pro-tip to accomplishing your goals and making lasting changes to your life is to do it with someone.”

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