Hungary for a Day

For years Tealeaves has served five-star clients and Michelin chefs by hand-crafting teas that tantalize the palates of the world’s elite and those seeking an unforgettable tea experience. We are excited to share our most recent collaboration with our friends at the grand Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. Travel to over 100 years of heritage along the Route of Emperors and Kings by the famous Danube River and see if you can’t help but fall in love with Budapest, as we did.


Tealeaves, in collaboration with Tealeaves ICON and Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente, worked together to co-create this exclusive hand-blended, black tea siren. Guided through the vast temptations of Budapest’s Great Market Hall by Chef Leonardo himself, we explored such local favourites as Palinka, paprika, Gulyas (Hungarian Goulash), apricots and pears. Inspired by the visual delights, aromas and flavours of Budapest, we distilled their embrace into the tea’s character. Complementing Four Seasons Gresham Palace’s exquisite afternoon tea, the cup welcomes and is sought out by both tourists and locals.

“Our afternoon tea is, I would say, English-Hungarian. We created this Hungarian afternoon tea; that was our goal. Right now it’s very popular because we’re the only hotel in town that does traditional English-style afternoon tea but with a Hungarian twist.” – Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente




Visiting Hungary would not be complete without a taste of Palinka – a traditional fruit brandy harkening back to the Middle Ages. The most common fruits used to create this cultural spirit are pears, apricots, plums, cherries and apples. With accents of apricot and pear, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace tea Blend is inspired by this true Hungarian specialty.

“Apricot and Pear are most common in Hungary. These fruits are very aromatic fruits so we created this Gresham Tea with dark tea that is the most common tea in Hungary. Then in the evening, after dinner, they drink or when they celebrate, they drink Palinka so we tried to combine the two into one–from the Afternoon all the way to the Evening.” – Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente




One tea, multiple personalities. See how the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Blend tea adapts itself to the shifting needs of the day, in our film series to come.


Enjoy this exquisite tea beyond the walls of the Palace as your mind journeys there. Indulge your wanderlust and appetite by taking a taste of Budapest home!

“We tried to put 360 degrees of Hungary into one cup of tea.” – Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente on the Gresham Palace Blend Collaboration

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