The Mixology Collection Gift Sets

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TEALEAVES has been the secret ingredient to Michelin-star chefs and five-star hotels for over 21+ years. Discover the favorite blends of the very best in Food & Beverage who use TEALEAVES teas as their muse. 


SMALL GIFT SET INCLUDES: A foil pouch of Mountain Berry and a foil pouch of Organic Pear Tree Green, along with a tea infuser.

LARGE GIFT SET INCLUDES: A tin of Mountain Berry and a foil pouch of Organic Pear Tree Green, along with a stainless steel infuser.

NO. 2026-1

Mountain Berry: Mountain Berry is one of our signature culinary/mixology blends. Chefs and bartenders alike love its deep, Cabernet red liquor and  bold taste. Saskatoon berries, the key ingredient in our Mountain Berry blend, are native to the Canadian Prairies, Northern Canada, and British Columbia, but are also grown in Michigan and Minnesota as "June berries". Whatever you prefer to call them, they make our Mountain Berry blend an antioxidant-rich and healthy, full-flavored cuppa that both children and adults alike may indulge in, hot or over ice.

Organic Pear Tree: This tea was first blended to illustrate how meticulous artisan-blending techniques can artfully balance medium-tannic Young Hyson green teas (spring, mountain harvests) with the character of pear. Pears have been cultivated in China for millenia. Palate-pleasing served iced or hot!

Join the ranks of world-renowned mixologists by using their longstanding secret ingredient: TEALEAVES Loose Leaf Teas.

Mix it up with unique tea-infused Mixology Recipes, that you can recreate at home.

Share your mixology creations on Instagram with the hashtag #TEALEAVESMixology.

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