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Chasen Naoshi (Whisk Holder)

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An essential piece of any matcha set, this vessel is made to hold the chasen (matcha whisk). A simple, yet elegant holder to help maintain the quality of the chasen and extend its lifespan for many bowls of matcha to come.
  • Chasen Naoshi


To create your perfect bowl of matcha, read 'Chado [A Daily Ritual]' and watch below for an introduction to this ancient practice.

While not a traditional utensil, the chasen naoshi (matcha whisk holder) was developed to maintain shape and extend lifespan of the delicate chasen, for many bowls of matcha to come.

Chado, the Japanese Tea ceremony, is an intricate practice revolving around the four principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. In this process, matcha green tea and matcha tea utensils play equally crucial roles.