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Jetlag teas – Finally we can fly twelve hours to the East or the West, without bothering our biorhythms with the stress of moving from one time zone to another. The Jetlag AM & PM tea mixtures promise to awaken us very gently or keep us awake. All “eco-harmonically” without chemicals. Of course, we can produce these ups and downs ourselves. But as we know: our body is far too lazy to generate the important hormones, like all sex hormones, endorphins and dopamine. One almost needs to force the body to release them. It is hardly practical to fall into a deep state of shock or break out in great panic each and every time in order to make the body release hormones. However such a tea- and I say this being of advanced age and with great experiences in jetlag and non-jetlag – is nice, but may only be okay to be used to swallow booster drugs. In any case, I’ll be on a diet while flying. A glass of red wine with a sleeping pill lasts for me. Good Night!

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