Types of Tea You Should Drink Based on Your Summer Adventures

Picnic with girl stirring tea leaves berry iced tea in pitcher and two glasses

Summer is a season full of possibilities. A time to check items off your summer bucket list ideas. Whether it’s reliving your favorite coming-of-age movie or stepping outside your comfort zone, discover your best tea for summer. Hot or iced, TEALEAVES can accompany you on your self-discovery journey.

1. Go on a Picnic with Friends

Fill your basket with your favorite summertime items and prepare for the pastoral scenery of a fair summer’s day. Set up the delicate teacups and pour yourself a cup of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. If you’re feeling daring, take the time to make a tea-infused cocktail for an added whimsical experience.

loose leaf tea | black
Picnic blanket in meadow with book, flowers, croissant, tea leaves loose leaf tea in tea cup

2. Attend an Outdoor Yoga Class

Feel the morning daze dissipate as you soak in a breath of fresh air. After rolling out your yoga mat, have a cup of Namaste and search for inner tranquility from within. Whether it’s grounding yourself before a routine, hydrating yourself midway, or recollecting your thoughts after, Namaste is the perfect companion for reflective focus.

This minty blend is the perfect way to release your tension after a long week. Packed with antioxidants, this caffeine-free tea promotes good health by increasing your water intake and improving your dietary health.

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loose leaf tea | ROOIBOS

3. Hang out AT the Beach or Lake

Feel the water tickle your feet as splashes and laughter dance in the air. As you relax under the shade, sip on refreshing sweet tea such as the Noir Black Iced Tea to cool off. The cornflower petals and bergamot in this summertime tea is the perfect way to add bursts of flavor to your hydration.

Image of lake and pool side benches and iced loose leaf black tea

4. Attend an Outdoor FESTIVAL

Capture all the exhilarating moments of your favorite artists as you sip on a tea-infused cocktail. The Teaquila Sunrise Cocktail is infused with a fruity Mountain Berry Tea syrup. Whip up this quick concoction for a sweet treat before heading to the festival.

Created by Alfredo Sanchez, a tequila master from Four Seasons Punta Mita, this cocktail recipe invokes a deep berry palate that tantalizes your taste buds. Let the radiant berry flavor match the upbeat music as you dance the night away!

loose leaf tea | HERBAL
iced tealeaves loose leaf tea on table with lemons and yellow flowers

5. Go on a Forest stroll

Wander in the vast greenery surrounded by the majestic trees while you sip on BC Forestea. Inspired by the alluring forests of British Columbia, this organic black tea is the embodiment of the wilderness. Be captivated in the smoky flavor that mimics the smells of the forest and smoky campfires.

one image with night sky, one image of forest - tea leaves organic loose leaf tea
loose leaf tea | BLACK

6. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Fuel your day as you stroll though the lively farmer's market with an iced Tencha Matcha latte. Hand pick your favorite fruits and vegetables while you immerse in a lively ambiance with your favorite summertime tea. A go-to option when you want a balanced caffeine kick, matcha is a staple in your self-improvement journey.

tealeaves iced tencha matcha latte and whisk and green background
loose leaf tea | GREEN

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