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Around the World Collection

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  • 2014
For the world traveler on your list, Tealeaves offers the Around the World Collection. This Collection is sure to inspire wanderlust with some of the most exotic teas.

Travel the world with Masala Chai, English Breakfast and Floral Jasmine Green.
  • 3 Tin Black Gift Box


Masala Black Tea Chai
The call of the chaiwalla greets our train, a sound as familiar as the falling monsoon rains. I find myself with a tiny clay cup of sweet milky tea, whose spices are warm and welcoming. As the train departs, I throw my cup to the ground, returning it to the cycle of life and embracing my new world as home.

English Breakfast
It is still dark when the tea pickers awake. Reluctantly, I join them outside, missing my bed. Preparing for the day, a steaming pot of tea circulates. The cup warms my hands as the tea revives my spirit. Each sip inspires me and stirs my senses. Sunrise is greeted with gratitude, and so a new day begins.

Floral Jasmine Green
A flower’s delicate allure wafts gently, building until it overwhelms my senses entirely. What a moment of bliss I cradle. Flowers are picked from high-elevation gardens at dawn to retain their delicate scent. Since the Song Dynasty, the jasmine blossom’s seductive scent has been used to enhance tea’s essence.