Central City Brewing Presents

Queensborough Gin Fizz

Yield: 1 Cocktail

A refreshing infusion of our Lemon Verbena blend and Queensborough gin to amaze your friends at the table. Create a rapid infusion using mixology’s latest craze - the vacuum siphon, and mix together this easy (and quick!) cocktail.

Ingredients for Queensborough Gin Fizz/h4>

50 ml
Queensborough Gin Infused with Lemon Verbena (click here to learn how)
20 ml
Fresh Lime Juice
To top up
Hopping Mad Cider

Steps for Queensborough Gin Fizz

Add Lemon Verbena-infused Queensborough Gin to a gin and tonic glass. (Learn how to make infused gin here: LINK )
Add lime juice and fill half the glass with ice.
Fill the rest with Hopping Mad Cider.
Garnish with a candied orange peel and enjoy!

Featured Blend

Lemon Verbena Blend
● AROMA: Fresh lemon, refreshing
● PALATE: Light and sweet with a full, citrus finish; smooth
● NOTES: High health and caffeine free
Lemon verbena has long been known as a folk-medicine remedy and is often associated with divine forces

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Lemon Verbena Blend