"I have used Tealeaves Mountain Berry to marinate a salmon gravlax – a very good combination; Organic Chamomile-infused crème brulee, and Lapsang Souchong to slightly poach a red partridge for a salad yields a very good result."

Cyrille Pannier
Los Angeles, California

Cyrille Pannier was born in Le Mans, France, and grew up on a farmstead in Arnage.

His three-year apprenticeship there in one-Michelin-star restaurant Auberge des Mattfeux gave him as good a grounding in the rudiments of cooking as he could have hoped for. Pannier’s hobbies revolve around exploring and nature-based activities, including gardening, walking and, when in sunny climates, scuba diving. He even collects old cookery books from the 18th and 19th century and can often be found concocting weird and wonderful ancient recipes, most recently one for brewing beer from nettles.

His kitchen is run according to the same “basic appreciations,” which involve taking his team on road trips to meet with the hotel’s close network of local suppliers to develop their passion for discovering new ingredients and suppliers. At the Four Seasons family since 1994, Pannier has worked at various hotels and resorts throughout his career, including the one-Michelin-star La Dariole de Viry, Viry-Châtillon, and the one-Michelin-star Auberge des Mattfeux, Amage in France.

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